Development of a new themed website



for the development of a new themed website

MEUSAC, will commission a reputable firm to develop a new themed website. The contract will be awarded to the cheapest technically compliant quotation.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Request for Quotations Dossier.

Proposals are to be addressed to and must be titled, ‘Request for Quotations for the development of a new themed website’ (Website-EDIC-05-2018) by not later than 11.00 hrs CET of March 20, 2018.  Late submissions will not be considered.


Question 1:
Reference is made to section 4.1d stating:

The new website shall have a user-friendly, quantitative and qualitative data analysis facility with reporting functions.

Could you kindly provide us with more information relating to the use of this tool and the functionality required?


Answer 1:
The new website should provide the facility to analyse and monitor performance and usage. Please refer to sections 4.3 and 4.4b:

4.3 Content Management System

Bidders are requested to quote for the installation of a web-based Content Management System, the fitting of the graphical responsive UI into the system and the coding of all sections of the site, the installation of the search engine optimisation module, the installation of Google Analytics, and insertion of initial content supplied by the Contracting Authority.

4.4b Technical Support and Management

Bidders are also requested to quote for the cost of management of the website, including the uploading of data on a daily basis during weekdays, for two consecutive years. Data must be uploaded within twelve (12) hours of receipt of information by EDIC Malta. Daily uploads will regularly include latest news and press releases and the updating of events.

Question 2:

Can you expand more what you mean by ‘live-streaming facilities’ listed in 4.1, l)?

Answer 2:

The facility to link live-streaming of events of the partner organisations through the website 

Question 3:

With reference to 4.2, ii) – How many banners are we expected to provide?

Answer 3:

One (1) static banner.

Question 4:

With reference to 4.3 – What amount of content do you envisage you will have that we would need to input initially?

Answer 4:

Initially, the new website will only contain enough material to make it functional. We foresee uploading related material to fill the requested pages.

Question 5:

With reference to 4.4, b) – Will an hourly rate suffice?  Otherwise, can you give us an indication for the amount of content (same on page 14)?

Answer 5:

Bidders should quote a lump sum, not an hourly rate. Content would consist of around two (2) pages of daily news, occasional notifications of upcoming events and activities as well as summaries of events held by the partner organisations, occasional press releases, articles and newsletters. The content to be uploaded will be provided by the partner organisations.

Question 6:

With reference to page 14 – Where should we list the hosting fees and backup fees?

Answer 6:

In the first section of the table.

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