Life-long Learning

MEUSAC article published on Voice of the Workers Weekly – 14.03.18

Taking forward the vision presented at the Gothenburg Social Summit in November 2017 on how education and culture can support an inclusive, cohesive and competitive Europe, the European Commission has adopted an initiative on competences for life-long learning.

The Recommendation by the Commission on life-long learning, intends to bring forward important updates reflecting the rapid evolution of teaching and learning. Education and training are part of the solution to get more people into decent jobs and be able to respond better to the skills needed by the economy. With rapid technological progress and related changes in job profiles and requirements, life-long learning needs to build on strong collaboration and synergies between industry, education, training and learning settings.

The Recommendation’s main objective is to improve the development of key competences for all people throughout life and to promote measures needed to achieve this objective.

MEUSAC is currently in the process of organising a consultation session on this recommendation, for more information kindly contact MEUSAC on 2200 3300 or on

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