Malta continues to stress the need to fight gender-based violence

Minister Dalli urges all Member States to ratify Istanbul Convention

Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli participated in the general discussion of the sixty-second session of the Commission on the Status of Women being held at the United Nations. In her intervention, Minister Dalli stated that the strong worldwide momentum pushing for women’s rights should inspire leaders to review the pace of progress and ensure that governments commit to achieving gender equality in our lifetime.

Furthermore, Minister Dalli reiterated Malta’s commitment to the gender equality agenda and the promotion of equal opportunities for all. Reference to the successful policies and measures in place were made, including the provision of free childcare to all parents who are in employment or education, which has proved to be successful in ensuring that more women join the labour force. More recent employment equality measures include the introduction of paid leave to parents of an adopted child and leave for couples undergoing the process of medically assisted procreation.

She then stressed that governments must ensure that they treat the elimination of gender-based violence as an integral part of their gender equality policy to level the playing field, thus providing all women the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Earlier in the day, Minister Dalli participated in the EU Ministerial Breakfast Meeting hosted by the Bulgarian Presidency. This meeting provided a thorough update about gender equality initiatives being led by the European Commission and those that form part of the Bulgarian Presidency. Provided that concerns were raised with regard to the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by some member states and that this can delay the EU’s ratification of this Convention, Minister Dalli highlighted the need to tackle gender-based violence across all of the Union and beyond. She therefore called on all EU member states to ratify the Istanbul Convention and send out a strong signal that the European Union is united against gender-based violence and domestic violence.

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