Success Stories: Erasmus+: Strategic Partnership in the Field of School Education Project

Association to Assist Visually Impaired Persons (Malta), GLAFKA (Czech Republic), Association Learning Cities (Italy), Ankara Provincial Directorate for National Education (Turkey), EUNI Partners (Bulgaria)

The project is taking place over 31 months, from September 2016 until March 2019. The project focuses on equipping school staff (teachers and LSAs) of primary and secondary schools with awareness on the challenges and needs of visually impaired students within the classroom as well as knowledge on the modern equipment that can be used by such students to keep up with their classmates, as well as knowledge on the teaching methods they can both use to make the classroom an inclusive educational space for students with visual impairments. The project will focus on:

  • Developing 2 innovative training courses for teachers, LSAs and parents
  • Creating an online platform for exchange of best practices among teachers, LSAs and parents
  • Raising awareness among teachers, LSAs and parents of students with visual impairments of the technology available to improve their educational performance.
  • Researching the skill gaps of teachers and LSAs in working with students with visual impairments

“In short, the key action 2 project has enabled our organisation to delve deeply into the needs of students with visual impairment in our schools and identify their needs and how to train parents, teachers and LSAs to cater for these needs. We hope that this project not only aids the¬†objectives of our organisation but can actually be used to create more awareness among the various (…) stakeholders, regarding these needs. More than just awareness we hope to use this to generate action regarding these issues faced by visually impaired students and their families every day.”

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