Success Stories: Faculty of Laws at University benefits from EU funds

Project theme: Implementing and Enforcing EU Criminal Law

MEUSAC assisted a number of organisations in the EU funding application process, adding to the long list of beneficiaries it has supported since November 2008.

One of the organisations that benefited from EU funds as a result of MEUSAC’s support is the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta. The faculty also speaks of MEUSAC’s assistance in the EU funding process.

Name of Project: Implementing and Enforcing EU Criminal Law – Theory and Practice

Beneficiary: Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta

Funding Programme: Hercule III

Funds allocated: €71,263

Summary of project

The project is aimed at studying the development of EU criminal legislation aimed at protection of the financial interests of the EU, with a focus on cybercrime, fraud and public spending. It will start with the current legal basis in the TFEU, followed by the development of EU legislation in the area as well as that of relevant bodies, such as EPO, OLAF and EUROPOL. The project tackles how this legislation is being received by the national legal orders, whereby ten countries have been selected on the basis of size, geography and legal systems. These countries are Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain, Latvia, Sweden, Greece and Poland.

A document will be published on the subject from both a European and a national perspective. A conference will also be held in Malta.


“Our project on cybercrime legislation financed by the European Commission would have never seen the light of day were it not for MEUSAC’s information, support and advice. Excellent support and dedication which consisted not only of advice but also of verifying whether our proposal was in line with the project requirements and suggested improvements were needed.  Thank you very much and I look forward to work with MEUSAC once again on future funding initiatives.” Ivan Sammut – Head of Department European & Comparative Law, Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta.


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