Success Stories: Inclusion & Gender Equality through Softball ( IGETS)

Ghajnsielem Redcoats
The primarily intent of this project is to exchange best practices in the areas relevant to our project such as the promotion of gender equality in sport, encouraging youths to practice softball and sport in general, increased competence in our activities as sports organisations and capacity building of the participating organisation and staff. The small collaborative partnership covers  a period of 24 months over which we shall be having 4 transnational activities including a final conference among all project partners, aside from activities implemented by each partner in their own country.

“.. The transnational element of the project, through our partnership with a softball club from the Netherlands and  Croatia, helped us get the attention of key stakeholders. In addition, without the involvement of  Olympia Haarlem and Softball Klub Princ Zagreb  very important aspects of this project such as capacity building and sharing of best practices would not have been possible”.

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