Success Stories: Scout Association of Malta

Scout Association of Malta garners EU funds for various projects through MEUSAC’s assistance

The Scout Association of Malta has garnered EU funds to implement various projects over the years, including to fund a project themed ‘Island Explorer’ where it is expected that the Sta Venera Scout Group will lead the project this time round.

Name of Project: Island Explorer

Beneficiary: Sta Venera Scout Group (The Scout Association of Malta)

Funding Programme: Erasmus+

Funds allocated: €37,518

Summary of Project

This youth exchange project will take place in August 2018 in Malta and involves 55 youth participants aged 13-30 and 12 leaders aged 26+. Project partners include Agrupamento de Escuteiros 516 do Bombarral (Portugal) -Pfadfinderinnenwerk St. Georg e.V. (Germany). Scouting is focused on the ‘learn by doing’ method which focuses on non formal and informal learning. In school we learn about history and culture from books and in the classroom. We do not get to meet foreign people or other foreign youths and we do not learn foreign languages by native speakers themselves.


“Our journey started from an Erasmus+ information session held by MEUSAC at The Scout Association of Malta’s headquarters in Floriana. Together with Josmar Azzopardi (the External Funding Officer for The Scout Association of Malta) and MEUSAC, we developed our youth exchange entitled ‘Island Explorer’. Along the way until the final submission deadline, assistance via meetings, e-mail and telephone were constantly provided by both MEUSAC and our funding officer. We now look forward to implementing the project with 67 participants in August 2018, where they will be experiencing Malta like never before. This is the second time we are working with MEUSAC and I will always recommend their services greatly to other organisations. I thank MEUSAC for their constant help and support” – Claudia Attard – Project Leader – Island Explorer.

Photo shows a banner being displayed by the Scouts in relation to another project funded by the EU called Bridging Cultural Differences whereby MEUSAC once again supported the Scouts Association of Malta in the EU funding application process, leading to the Association garnering the required funds to sustain the said project.

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