CE mark ‘most abused mark worldwide’

The CE mark is the most abused mark worldwide, according to Ing Michael Cassar from the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA).

Speaking during an information session on CE marking and Rapex held today at MEUSAC’s office in Valletta, Ing Cassar said that they have come across many cases whereby the CA mark was misused by importers and what gave them away were the fonts used.

When we have doubts that the CE Mark has been misused, we can demand documentation and carry out tests on the products to determine whether the product is safe to be placed on the market.

Some products, he said, do not require CE marking and suspicions arise when a product which is not meant to have a CE mark on it has one.

“When we come across such products that do not require a mark, like cosmetics, pesticides and so on, but the product would bear a mark, this is when we start asking questions,” Ing Cassar explained.

Alternatively, consumers can report suspicious cases of CE markings to us to investigate further.

He said producers and importers are bound by law to place safe products only on the market. Manufacturers must also place enough warnings on the product to inform consumers of any dangers so as not to create serious risks. He said that in order to inform consumers of any hazards the product may pose, a risk assessment must be conducted beforehand on the product itself.

With CE marking, a manufacturer can ensure that the properties of a product are in line with the harmonised European product standard.

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