Consultation Session on proposed Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions directive

MEUSAC today held a consultation session on the proposed Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions directive.

MEP Francis Zammit Dimech, who was present for the session along with other stakeholders including union representatives, said he has been appointed by EPP Group as rapporteur on working conditions in the EU and will push forward any proposed amendments to the European Parliament on this directive.

An open discussion ensued on the issue of probation and over the fact that the word ‘predictable’ used in the directive’s text was not defined properly and was described as being ‘open-ended’ which could give rise to abuse by employers towards their employees. Stakeholders argued that the word predictable by itself without it being properly defined could easily mean that workers would be given an idea on their working conditions the minute they were given a work contract but without being specific on those conditions. Therefore, as a result, stakeholders called for the term ‘predictable’ to be defined.

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