EU Budget proposals post-2020 out

Today the European Commission presented the much-awaited proposals tied to the EU budget 2020.

Although the proposals presented today by the European Commission on the future Multiannual Financial Framework are the beginning of a process that will determine whether the Union has the means to deliver on the positive agenda agreed in Bratislava and Rome, certain areas that form part of the EU budget post-2020 have witnessed a significant increase over the period 2014-2020.

Ultimately, the final decision will fall on the Council, acting by unanimity, with the consent of the European Parliament.

The Commission will then present detailed proposals for the future financial programmes between May 29 and June 12. It will then be in the hands of the European Parliament and the Council to take them further.

Some areas that have seen an increase in the budget include security and defence where €27.5 billion has been allocated of which €4.8 billion specifically for security.

The EU budget for the management of external borders, migration and asylum will be significantly reinforced, overall, reaching more than €34.9 billion, compared to €13 billion for the period 2014-2020.

The modernised Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will have a budget of €365 billion and continue to be built around two pillars: direct payments to farmers and rural development funding. For the latter, the Commission proposes to increase national co-financing rates. In addition, an amount of €10 billion in Horizon Europe will support research and innovation in food, agriculture, rural development and the bioeconomy.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “Today is an important moment for our Union. The new budget is an opportunity to shape our future as a new, ambitious Union of 27 bound together by solidarity.”

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