Group of European Studies students visit MEUSAC

A group of European Studies students today got an insight on MEUSAC’s EU funding role.

Mandy Falzon, Director of EU Funding at MEUSAC, explained that MEUSAC’s role is that of assisting organisations to apply for EU funds and does not manage EU funds and programmes.

She said that the take-up of EU funds in Malta is good, quoting the sum utilised by various organisations in Malta through MEUSAC’s assistance. The total sum 374 organisations garnered over a matter of nine years (since MEUSAC’s re-activation) is that of €41,625,787.

Ms Falzon explained the difference between direct and indirect funds. “Direct funds are managed directly by the European Commission and other designated European agencies while indirect funds involve the shared management of the Commission and the Member State utilising the funds.”

She also said that the Commission introduced a new mechanism referred to as the ‘Intervention Logic’ for the funding period 2014-2020 which practically defines the project objectives and expected results.

She added that although the process of funds might seem bureaucratic at times, it is pertinent to have all the checks and balances in place to avoid misuse of funds or funds that are not utilised well since the funds are taxpayers’ money. Ms Falzon said that Cohesion Funds are managed by the managing authority responsible, in this case the Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division (PPCD). The PPCD serves as the main contact point between the Maltese government and the Commission.

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