Branding of the Citizens’ Consultations initiative in Malta


for services in relation to
the branding of the Citizens’ Consultations initiative in Malta

MEUSAC is seeking a reputable firm to provide the:
i) develop the relevant digital branding to promote the Citizens’ Consultations in Malta. Such branding includes artwork for templates, banners on news portals and social media, and mobile banners;
ii) run a promotional campaign on a leading social networking site.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest technically compliant quotation.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Request for Quotations Dossier.

Proposals are to follow the format requested in the attached dossier and must be addressed to and titled, ‘Request for Quotations for services in relation to the branding of the Citizens’ Consultations initiative in Malta’ (Branding-Citizens-Consultations-MT-001-2018) by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of June 12, 2018.  Late submissions will not be considered.



Question 1:
Design and artwork of one (1) image to be adapted to each of the events to Please clarify as to the number of events that should be considered when projecting the number of adaptations that this element should cover.

Answer 1:
The number of events to be considered when projecting the number of adaptations is six (6).

Question 2:
The design and artwork of two (2) different adverts for a leading social networking site. Should one correctly assume that there will be two events since each of the adverts is to address the promotion of one singular event or are these individually promoting a group of events respectively?

Answer 2:
The adverts will be used to promote all the events, however minor amendments to the artwork such as the details of the individual events might be requested.

Question 3:
The booking, payment and posting for the social media adverts. Please confirm that your intention is to have a total number of twelve [12] campaigns over the period from June to October – and a total boosting/media spend of nine hundred [€900] excluding VAT divided into twelve packages of seventy euros [€75] excluding VAT each?

Answer 3:
The total number of adverts (not campaigns) to be posted throughout the campaign is twelve (12).

Question 4:
The design and artwork of three (3) different banners for online news portals. Please clarify as to the number of different formats required for each of the banners?

Answer 4:
Each of the banners will be requested in a format to be published as adverts either for mobile web banners or Home Page Leaderboard banners.

Question 5:
Design and artwork of six (6) branded templates displaying information on the individual events. Please clarify as to the format [MS word, MS excel, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc] and content of these templates as well as what is referred to by the term printing, whether this is printing off an in-house printer, a commercial digital printer or a commercial offset printer?

Answer 5:
The format of the template will have to be provided in MS Word and .pdf formats; the content will consist of either general information on the topic addressed or the agenda of the individual events. The printing, which will not be the responsibility of the selected bidder, will be commercial digital printing.

Question 6:
In view of the fact that the contracting authority reserves the right to cancel the RFQ based on the possibility that all technically compliant quotations exceed the financial resources available – we would appreciate if you could please clarify as to what financial resources available are?

Answer 6:
The Contracting Authority policy is not to disclose the budget available.

Question 7:
Usually the branding concept is one ‘logo’ which is present in all designs and artworks that subsequently follow. Could you kindly advise what is meant by ‘The individual designs would include, but are not limited to, titles, dates, and time of each event’ which is part of (i) under Deliverables – Section 4. How many designs are being referred to here?

Answer 7:
The same design concept is to be adapted to different formats as requested in the RFQ (mobile web banners, leaderboard banners, Facebook covers etc.). The six (6) events will have the same design concept but different title, date, time and venue.

Question 8:
The image needed in an electronic format as mentioned in part (ii) under Deliverables – Section 4 so we know what size we need to apply here.

Answer 8:
The image, to be provided in .jpeg format will be embedded in the body of emails sent to potential participants as an electronic invitation. It will also be attached to emails in .pdf formats.

Question 9:
Point (iii) mentions a digital backdrop and then a print – will it be a print or a digital backdrop?

Answer 9:
The image will be used in the form of a digital backdrop during some of the events and printed on a canvas backdrop for others.

Question 10:
Are we correct in assuming that the social networking site mentioned in point (iv) is FB? Also, will the contractor be responsible of handling the promotion of the mentioned adverts as well as the management?

Answer 10:
Answers to all points mentioned in this question are all in the affirmative.

Question 11:
Could you kindly advise what social networking site is being referred in point (v), please? The adverts should appear twice – are these the same adverts mentioned in the previous point?

Answer 11:
The social networking site is that referred to in the previous question, while the adverts are the same ones referred to in point (iv) of the RFQ.

Question 12:
Are we correct in assuming that the contractor will not be responsible for booking the banners on the online news portals?

Answer 12:
The selected bidder will not be responsible for booking the banners on the online news portals.

Question 13:
Could you kindly advise what is meant by mobile banners?

Answer 13:
Reference is to mobile web banners provided by online news portals.

Question 14:
Point (viii) refers to branded templates – are these posters? If yes, could you kindly give me size.

Answer  14:
The branded templates referred to in point (viii) refers to artwork to be printed on A4-size sheets and distributed to participants during the different events, The selected bidder will not be responsible for the printing of the artwork.

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