MEUSAC participates in Vilnius meeting of senior communicators

MEUSAC Head Vanni Xuereb recently participated in the Club of Venice Plenary Meeting held in Vilnius on June 7 and 8. The Club of Venice is an informal group of Europe’s most senior and experienced government communications professionals. Founded in 1986, it convenes several times each year to provide members with an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest, share experiences and best practice, and offer mutual support.

The opening address was delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičus, who spoke about the importance of fighting hostile disinformation, emphasizing that this is not just a communicational challenge but also a security one.

The main themes discussed at the meeting were:

  • Public communication challenges and citizens’ trust;
  • Hybrid threats: focus on countering disinformation, propaganda and fake news;
  • Capacity/Capability Building and implementation of Nudge theories

At the centre of these discussions were the 2019 European elections and how to reconcile the European and the national agenda in the communication campaigns in relation to these elections, the opportunities for the EU institutions and the Member States to work in partnership, the link between government and institutional communication and civil society, and the Citizens’ Consultations. The second day of the meeting was dedicated to issues related to capacity building such as shaping professionalism, technology and the human factor in our communication services as well as the need for pooling of resources for greater empowerment and effectiveness.

The meeting was addressed by a number of high level speakers.

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