Most Europeans optimistic about the future

One year ahead of the European elections, trust in the European Union and optimism about the future is growing.

According to the Spring 2018 Standard Eurobarometer survey, a majority of Europeans think the situation of the economy is good and are optimistic about the future. Trust in the Union is on the rise and support for the Economic and Monetary Union is at its highest level.

Migration features as the top challenge that the Union is currently facing, followed by terrorism.

Malta’s case
The majority of European citizens in Malta (52%) tend to trust certain media houses and institutions. The EU average is 42%.

66% of respondents in Malta have said that they are in favour of a European policy on migration. The EU average is 68%.

82% of respondents in Malta said they feel they are citizens of the EU.

The majority of respondents in Malta said they were benefiting from cheaper calls when using a mobile phone in another country. Last July, the EU removed mobile roaming charges as a result of an initiative called ‘Roam Like at Home’.

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