MEUSAC reaches yet another milestone after decade of success

Article written by Duncan Barry – Media and Information Executive, MEUSAC
Published on The Malta Independent – 25.07.18

Navigating the many EU funding programmes can be daunting. A successful bid for the funds among so many competitors can also be quite a task.

The solution: MEUSAC offers professional assistance at no charge to those NGOs, local councils, social partners and government entities seeking funds to finance their innovative projects.

But what is it that makes MEUSAC stand out?
MEUSAC has helped various organisations garner a total of €45 million in EU funds for a total of 392 projects over a 10year span – no easy feat considering that each beneficiary garnered an average of €115,000 in EU funds for their projects.

MEUSAC was reactivated on 7 July 2008 and entrusted with three main functions: Consultation, Information and EU Funding Assistance.

MEUSAC’s reactivation occurred when Malta had been a member of the EU for only four years. It was, therefore, important for our country and the various sectors of Maltese society to maximise the opportunities brought about by EU membership. One very effective means of doing so is by tapping into the numerous EU Funding programmes.

Ten years ago, the need was felt for local councils and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to be supported with technical and professional assistance to apply for projects co-financed by EU funds. The assistance that MEUSAC provides on a daily basis consists of furnishing information about EU funding opportunities and, more importantly, by assisting potential applicants in filling and submitting the applications.

Local councils have managed to benefit from more than €20 million from EU funds for 139 different projects whereas NGOs benefited from around €12 million for 217 projects. In recent years, this service has been extended to government entities with 36 projects worth just under €13 million in total being approved.

MEUSAC provides you with an overview of the EU funding streams available in relation to your project ideas, while also helping you identify potential partners. Last but not least, we strive to ensure your application is successful.

MEUSAC will be running a series of posts on its Facebook page and website as part of a campaign themed #decadeofsuccess on the successful projects it played a vital role in. This campaign is intended to encourage more organisations to seek more information on EU funding, either by using MEUSAC’s social media networks or by setting an appointment for a one-to-one meeting to discuss project ideas and potential sources of funding.

Live Q&A
A live Q&A session tied to this campaign will also run on MEUSAC’s Facebook account @MEUSACMalta on 13 August, which will serve as a platform for the public to ask any questions in relation to EU funding opportunities and MEUSAC’s assistance in this regard. Experts from the funding team will be readily available to answer your questions. This exercise will also serve as a guideline for an FAQ page to be created in future and published on our online social media platforms.

Contact our funding team to discuss your innovative project on 2200 3300 or send an e-mail to

MEUSAC provides you with an overview of the EU funding streams available in relation to your project ideas, while also helping you identify potential partners.

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