10 years of MEUSAC Core Group

Today marks 10 years since the first MEUSAC Core Group meeting was held. Members of the Core Group, including representatives of the Government,  the national parliament, constituted bodies, non-governmental organisations and experts met at the Mediterranean Conference Centre which saw MEUSAC coordinating the process of consultation on EU legislation as well as promoting debate on EU issues.

At the time, the meeting was chaired by Dr Chris Said, then Parliamentary Secretary for Public Dialogue and Information.

Worthy of note is that prior to Malta’s accession to the European Union, MEUSAC played an active role in the consultation between the Government, the political parties, the constituted bodies and civil society.

During the meeting, MEUSAC Head, Dr Vanni Xuereb, had reiterated his satisfaction at the Core Group’s wide sectoral representation which “shows the willingness by all parties to achieve common goals in so far as European policy is concerned”. He had also highlighted that, “pulling the same rope does not necessarily mean agreeing about all and with everything that is being said, but should be taken to mean that all of us are convinced that we should be doing our utmost in the best interests of the country”.  Dr Xuereb cited Robert Schuman’s words that, ‘Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity’.

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The DOI press release of the first Core Group meeting can also be viewed here.

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