Gal Xlokk Foundation to issue call for development of green infrastructure under LEADER

Article written by Duncan Barry, Media and Information Executive
Published on The Malta Today – 19.09.18

LEADER is a local development method financed by the Rural Development Programme which has been used for 20 years to engage local actors in the design and delivery of strategies, decision-making and resource allocation for the development of rural areas across the EU.

In Malta, three Local Action Groups (LAGs) were established to deliver the LEADER objectives namely the Xlokk, Majjistral and Gozo Action Group Foundations.

The Xlokk Action Group Foundation launched a call on September 18 for project proposals to improve the environmental landscape of the south-east region of Malta.

The purpose is to support the development of green infrastructure within the territory through the development/creation of new green open spaces in rural areas and the installation of elements of green infrastructure within both built and rural areas. The call has been allocated a total budget of €694,440.

The eligible beneficiaries for funding under this call are local councils operating in the south-east region of Malta and registered environmental voluntary Organisations.

Beneficiaries will be granted up to 80% financial assistance should the proposed investment be selected.

The aim of the Gal Xlokk Foundation is to help improve the quality of life and economic prosperity in the 17 rural localities located in the south-east rural areas of Malta

As for the Leader initiative, it uses a bottom-up approach to promote and encourage local participation and territorial inclusion, giving the local community the opportunity to develop and implement strategies that reflect the real needs of their respective local area. In this respect, it brings about a holistic vision to achieving sustainable design and planning. In this case, it seeks to green the grey in more ways than one to make rural life more vibrant and environmentally sustainable.

The call closes on October 17, 2018 at noon.

Those willing to apply for this call may contact MEUSAC for assistance in the EU funding application process on 2200 3300 for an appointment with the EU funding team. Alternatively, one can send an e-mail on

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