Outcome of public consultation on new summer/wintertime arrangements mentioned in Parliament

The outcome of a national public consultation and online survey on the current debate that attracted a lot of interest in Malta and in other Member States – the new summer/wintertime arrangements proposed by the European Commission – was raised in the Maltese parliament recently.

Asked what will happen once Malta has adopted a stand on the current debate on the new summertime and wintertime arrangements, and on the general opinion of European citizens in Malta in this regard, Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli said that a public consultation was held on October 1 – organised by the Ministry for European Affairs and MEUSAC – and that once all Member States have established their position, a decision would be taken by the Council and the European Parliament on whether things stay the same or whether the practice of switching between summer and wintertime is to be abolished.

Dr Dalli said that the issue attracted wide interest. This, she said, emerged from an online consultation and a scientific survey. Dr Dalli also referred to a survey conducted by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the results having tallied with the results of a survey the Ministry conducted.

When asked how Malta is keeping its citizens connected to and informed about the EU Dr replied that  “Malta, like other Member States (and as proposed by French President Macron), is organising a series of citizens’ consultations on the future of Europe.” referring to what Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had said that we should go to the people this time around for their opinion and not vice-versa, Dr Dalli referred to the citizens’ consultations being organised by MEUSAC, some of which are targeting specific stakeholders   such as agriculture and industry. MEUSAC will be compiling a report on the basis of the feedback received which will eventually be handed over to the over the EU Heads of State or Government. Through these consultations, members of the public and stakeholders are having their say on various issues and helping bring citizens closer to the EU.


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