Let citizens do the talking!

Article written by Duncan Barry – Media and Information Executive, MEUSAC
Published on The Malta Independent – 01.11.18

How many times have we been encouraged to air our views on anything related to the EU? And how many times did we have ample room to state our concerns and yet ended up listening instead.

Not this time. MEUSAC has been organising a series of citizens’ consultations on the future of Europe with the last two of the series Ghid tieghek dwar l-Europa fast approaching. MEUSAC was assigned the task to organise these consultations in Malta with similar consultations taking place in 26 other Member States.

These EU citizens’ consultations are different to others held on a national level or across the Union. The sole aim of these consultations is to let the citizens do the talking. Inspired by French President Emmanuel Macron, they attempt to restore ties between Europeans and the European Union and provide an opportunity for a broad discussion on what European citizens expect.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has emphasised the need to reach out to listen to people with different ideas, even those who did not agree with the EU or who feel excluded by the EU.

Following the opening event in July which consisted of a general discussion on the EU, a number of focused citizens’ consultations have been held over the past months. They have focused on topics such as the future of farming, innovative industries and social Europe. The next event, on November 2, will be tackling migration (November 2). French Minister for European Affairs Natalie Loiseau will be taking part in this event.

The final consultation, a citizens’ dialogue with the Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat, will take place on Friday, November 9.

As Minister Loiseau put it: “There are high expectations on Europe and a deep need for transformation of the European Union as it currently works.”

On a national level, the main aim of the consultations is being reached: participants are not holding back from expressing their opinions.

Once the events are over, MEUSAC will be compiling a report which, together with the national reports of the other 26 Member States, will be forwarded to EU Heads of State or Government, most likely during the European Council meeting in December, hence, citizens’ views will not fall on deaf ears.

Register for the last two events of this series
If you haven’t had your say and feel that you have any constructive criticism, ideas or opinions to share, why not join us at the last two events. It’s simple. Just register your details by sending an email to info.meusac@gov.mt.

You can also follow us on Facebook or visit our ‘Future of Europe’ section in our website for more information on each and every event.

This is your opportunity to have your say on the future of the EU.

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