Living together in Diversity

Name of Project: Living together in Diversity

Beneficiary: Emergency Response Rescue Corps Cadets

Funds allocated: €32,657

Targeting young people with fewer opportunities, this encouraged positive interactions between people of all walks of life and ultimately improve the situation of young people with fewer opportunities.  This exchange brought  together youths from EU and non-EU countries, thus we will be strongly promoting tolerance and understanding focusing on how to overcome social barriers and promote an inclusive culture towards young people irrespective of one’s cultural background. The general objective of ‘Living together in Diversity’ is to offer people with fewer opportunities and less able youths a chance to involve themselves more in society, and interact with one another despite each carrying a different cultural background. This youth mobility includes various types of activities and utilities, various working methods such as workshops, discussions, interactive talks, outdoor activities, culinary sessions and vox pops to mention but a few.

The main objectives are:

  • The promotion of outdoor activities: Since most of the involved participants have some form of disability or come from a disadvantaged background; some of the activities are focused on the theme of outdoor activities and the promotion of active lifestyles. This will create a dimension for social interaction besides getting to know each other better in a more enclosed environment.
  • The respect of cultural diversity: we will not just learn about each other’s way of doing things but we will also learn to respect and to be more tolerant towards each others’ cultures.
  • Promotion of social inclusion within society: This will be primarily done through a series of workshops and discussions to help us develop a sense of belonging in society. Having a group of mixed abilities, we will learn to increase motivation and a sense of belonging, and be made more aware of the importance of the promotion of equal opportunities.
  • To understand better the issues that surround healthy lifestyles and youth disability. This will be done through the multiple activities planned. This falls in line with one of the main priorities identified by the Erasmus+ programme and the need to promote such projects. It is also a means by which important messages will be delivered on how these activities should be open to everyone irrespective of their social background.


We had a good project idea, but this was further elaborated and beefed up when we sought the services of MEUSAC. MEUSAC supported us throughout the project, and it was instrumental so we could end up with a good project.  We are still in contact with MEUSAC with regards to upcoming funding deadlines” ~ Etienne Micallef, Secretary-General, ERRC Cadets.

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