Design and delivery of an online campaign

for the design and delivery of an online campaign

MEUSAC will commission a reputable firm or individual to provide services related to the design and development of online adverts in news portals and sponsored adverts on a social media channel for an online campaign to promote the European Elections to be held in May 2019.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Request for Quotations Dossier.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest technically compliant quotation.

Proposals are to follow the format requested in the dossier and are to be addressed to, titled ‘Request for Quotations for the design and development of an online campaign (EDIC-04-2019-Online Campaign)‘ by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of 01 February 2019.  Late submissions will not be considered.




Question 1
Apart from design costs, please advise if we will be required to handle the Facebook campaign (managing the adverts i.e set up of the sponsored ads) or whether this will be handled by MEUSAC.

Answer 1
The selected bidder will be expected to handle the Facebook campaign (managing the adverts i.e. set up of the sponsored ads), for which the Contracting Authority will give administrator rights.


Question 2
i. an online campaign consisting of six (6) adverts to appear in six (6) leading local online news portals, which offer content to readers in the Maltese language

In point (iii) it is specified that 2 banners will be created and here 6 adverts are mentioned – please clarify.

Answer 2
The two (2) adverts are to appear on six (6) different online news portals. The idea is to have two (2) different adverts coming up during the same week on different news portals.


Question 3
ii. The online adverts are to appear as Homepage Leaderboard Banners in all the news portals on a 20% occupancy, for one week each.

Does this mean that the 2 banners are to appear on the 6 online news portal during the week specified? Both banners to be booked at 20% occupancy or can occupancy be shared between the 2 artworks?

Answer 3
The Contracting Authority prefers to have one advert appear on three (3) online news portals and the other advert appear on another three (3) online news portals. All adverts on all news portals shall have 20% occupancy.


Question 4
Kindly specify which 6 leading local online news portals in Maltese language are.

Answer 4
The six local online news portals are as follows: iNews; Newsbook; illum; TVM; One News and NET News.

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