Success Stories: Rejuvenation of St Anne Garden

Name of Project: Rejuvenation of St Anne Garden

Beneficiary: Marsaskala Local Council

Funds allocated: €57,870

Summary of Project
Marsaskala local council has successfully applied for EU funds under measure 19.2 of the Xlokk Local development Strategy (2014-2020) Sub measure 4 – Development of Green Infrastructure under the Rural Development Programme for Malta 2014-2020 (leader) of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The total funds garnered by the council for this project is €57,870 for the embellishment of St Anne Garden.

Credit must be given to MEUSAC for its fundamental role in the whole application process which led to the council to acquire the EU funds for the project. On behalf of Marsaskala Local council, I would like to take this opportunity to thank MEUSAC since we managed to rank among the first two places for these vital EU funds. MEUSAC provides full support during the application process and the council is grateful for the excellent service provided” ~ Josef Grech, Executive Secretary, Marsaskala Local Council.

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