Standard Eurobarometer survey: Majority of Maltese respondents trust EU institutions

The positive sentiment of Eurobarometer survey respondents in Malta stems from the very good economic situation, Economist Lawrence Zammit said today during the launch of the Eurobarometer national report.

It also emerges once again that there’s a high element of trust among Maltese respondents across the board, including in European institutions, with the exception of certain sectors. To cite an example, the written press has witnessed a lack of trust once again by Maltese respondents while print as a means of communication continues with its downward trend (14%).

The majority of respondents have expressed trust in the EU institutions – including the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Central Bank. However, the European Council and the Council of the European Union scored slightly lower when compared to the other EU institutions. 68% believe Malta’s future is better in the EU and not outside it.

Migration tops concerns of Maltese respondents: ‘Italy’s stand an influence’
96% of respondents in Malta stated that on the whole they are very satisfied with the life they lead. 82% rate the provision of public services as very good and 63% agree that their voice counts.

Migration tops the concerns of Maltese respondents (61%). Mr Zammit explained that the recent stand Italy took on migration influenced the way Maltese respondents replied in the survey when faced with the question as to which is the most important issue facing Malta.

Respondents in Malta call for EU common policy on migration
Some 43% said that the EU conjures a very or fairly positive image, with 10% stating the opposite. Maltese also have trust in local councils, the police, army and public administration.

Respondents in Malta are for a common European policy on migration (75%), compared to the 69% EU average. 58% want a common foreign policy among the EU28.

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