EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until October 31

Yesterday, EU27 leaders met at the European Council in light of Theresa May’s note asking for a further extension to Article 50. An agreement was reached for the delay of Brexit up until October 31, 2019.

EU27 leaders stressed that the UK will have to hold European Parliament elections if it is still a Member State between May 23 and 26, 2019. If the UK fails to hold elections, it will leave on June 1, 2019.

The European Council reiterated that there could be no reopening of the agreement.

While attending the special meeting of the European Council on Article 50 held today in Brussels, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that “Malta’s decision on what extension should be granted to the United Kingdom, with regards to its withdrawal from the European Union, will be based on Malta’s best interests, and on the interests of the European Union as a whole”.

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