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What should the European Union do? What can it do? What exactly is the European Union? How should it change? Should it interfere or not? And if so, how,when and where? What does the future hold for the European Union?

These and many other questions are often discussed over lunch, on the streets, at work, inside shops, in newspapers, on TV and radio, and on social media.

These are questions which you might ask when you feel your rights have been impinged upon and when things are not going well in Europe or in your country, or when you feel excessive interference by the EU in local affairs.

Whether you realise it or not, the European Union affects your every day life: the food you eat, buying or selling, traveling, the waste you leave on your doorstep, toys and electronic products you own, your work, health and safety conditions, and a thousand other things.

Are we better off inside the European Union or not? Is it better for us to have to follow a multitude of rules, or are we better off controlling our own destinies and leaving things in our hands? What strength does a small country like ours – with less than 0.1% of the EU population – have? Or does this in fact mean that despite our size we still have a place at the table equivalent to that held by the largest Member States? Does it pay us to be members if only to partake of the funds, which has allowed us to carry out many projects?

Learn about these questions and more in a new website page with the input of MEUSAC. Through this page you will be able to follow news and information about the European Union to better understand this Union that you have been a citizen of for 15 years.

Besides ongoing current affairs, MEUSAC will contribute with articles, videos and other information about the European Union, which on a daily basis affects all of us one way or another.

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