Refining and expanding our skills

MEUSAC’s workforce trained as part of ESF project ‘Engage’

In 2018, MEUSAC started to implement a project part-financed by the European Social Fund called ‘Engage: Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in Social Dialogue’.

The project is aimed at increasing stakeholder engagement in Malta as well as improving on the way things are done in terms of dialogue.

The project consisted of three actions: Stakeholder Engagement Analysis; Training of MEUSAC staff, and; capacity building for increased/improved stakeholder participation after MEUSAC was awarded over €134,000 in EU funds to implement the project.

The part of the project involving MEUSAC’s workforce ended last month. MEUSAC’s management and executives were given training on various aspects tied to their various roles in a bid to enhance their skills and share ideas to improve on what’s been built.

It started off with a study visit held in Brussels at various European institutions and the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU last December. MEUSAC officials had the opportunity to discuss how best to strengthen the agency’s services for the benefit of civil society, namely in the areas of consultation, EU funding and communications. MEUSAC staff gained first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience from organisations directly involved in the EU decision-making process.

Internal training on project management, effective communication, stakeholder engagement and capacity building for stakeholders followed. MEUSAC employees underwent some 40+ hours of training, which comprised of lectures and workshops. Staff were also given ideas on how best to convey the EU message to citizens.

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