Artwork and printing services

for the provision of artwork and printing services

MEUSAC is seeking a reputable service provider for the provision of artwork and printing services.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Request for Quotations Dossier.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest, technically compliant quotation.

Proposals are to be addressed to and must be titled, ‘Request for Quotations: EDIC-22-2019-SkolaSajf’ by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of 17 May 2019.  Late submissions will not be considered.


Question 1
To confirm for canvas banner, material can be either canvas or banner (banner is much more durable than canvas)?

Answer 1
With reference to Section 4 (a), the image shall be printed on pvc canvas material.

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