Maintenance services at MEUSAC

for the provision of maintenance services at MEUSAC offices

MEUSAC is seeking the services of a reputable firm or individual to provide maintenance services mainly related to:
– General plumbing works and repairs;
– General electrical works and repairs;
– Minor plastering and painting works;
– Other general repairs that may arise from time to time

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Request for Quotations Dossier.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest, technically compliant quotation.

Proposals are to be addressed to and must be titled, ‘Request for Quotations for the provision of maintenance works at MEUSAC’s Offices (RFQ-Maintenance-2019) by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of 27 May 2019.  Late submissions will not be considered.


When you say drainage works what exactly you mean? and regarding outside office ours and week end is this something regular that you have?

Drainage works refer to any maintenance that might be needed to the current drainage system as a result of usage or due to time.

Only works that would need immediate maintenance or works that would disturb the officers from their daily operations will be carried out outside office hours.

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