Success Story: Jef Malta


Generation Europe was a project centeringĀ around youth-led dialogue with experts and policy makers, providing a forum for young people to educate themselves on topics of National and European importance, and plays a role in holding their representatives to account. In just nine months Generation Europe reached hundreds of people, sparking debate on subjects such as women’s rights, national and regional security, public health and issues in the sphere of migration.


MEUSAC was absolutely instrumental for the acquisition of funding for this project; MEUSAC’s patience and assistance made the otherwise strenuous process of applying, effortless and brief. Thanks to the hard-work of the people at MEUSAC, JEF Malta’s project had an impact on the lives of many youths, giving them the skills and the confidence to be an active part of the world around them” ~ Daniel Cassar, Vice-President, JEF Malta.

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