Spring 2019 Standard Eurobarometer

A new Eurobarometer survey released today shows a strong increase in citizens’ positive perception of the European Union across the board – from the economy to the state of democracy. These are the best results since the June 2014 Eurobarometer survey conducted before the Juncker Commission took office. Immigration remained the main concern for Europeans, despite a strong decrease.

Climate change, which was ranked fifth in autumn 2018, is now the second most important concern after a strong increase.

Malta’s case: Some stats
Immigration and climate change were the top most concerns for citizens in Malta, along with the issue of housing and the cost of living and property rental prices. The least problems on their mind are unemployment, terrorism, the economic situation and government debt.

The majority of Maltese people have shown their trust in European institutions once again, as well as in the Maltese Parliament and The Maltese Government.

81% of Maltese citizens feel they are citizens of the EU, as shown constantly in previous Eurobarometer surveys.

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