European Parliament Eurobarometer survey: 81% say Malta benefited from the EU’s joining

The EU contributed to Malta’s economic growth, according to 2019 post-electoral survey results released today, the majority (54%) stating that the EU’s joining created new work opportunities.

The survey was commissioned by the European Parliament fielding the question ‘Have European elections entered a new dimension?’.

Eighty-one per cent said Malta benefited from joining the EU.

EP elections
Some 73% of citizens in Malta said that they voted during the last EP elections held in May while 78% were sure which party to vote for in the elections. Only 12 per cent were hesitant in terms of not knowing who to vote for, while most felt they should vote “as it is their duty as citizens”.

But the main reason most citizens in Malta voted during the EP elections was due to the issue of migration and to protect the environment. The majority of those who did not cast their vote was due to not being interested in politics. The issue of Brexit did not deter the majority of Maltese voters from casting their vote.

Some 78% of Maltese voters also said that they recall seeing messages by the EP encouraging them to vote. The majority said that their voice counts in the EU.

European-wide survey results
The main issues that encouraged European citizens to vote are the economy and growth (44%), combating climate change (37%) as well as promoting human rights and democracy (37%). 36Thiry-six per cent of respondents who voted cited the way the EU should be working in the future as their top priority while 34% named immigration. Economy and growth and combating climate change and protecting the environment are the most mentioned issues in 16 and eight countries respectively.

While the number of Europeans who feel that their voice counts in the EU has increased significantly by seven points to 56%, support for European membership remains at a historically high level, with 59% of respondents seeing their country’s membership in the EU as a good thing.

The survey results show that Brexit also played a role, with 22% of respondents saying it influenced their decision to vote, at least to some extent.

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