MEUSAC team meets President George Vella

The MEUSAC team today met with President George Vella at San Anton Palace, Attard. The President acknowledged the work of the Agency in communicating the EU locally and in engaging citizens and civil society to make the most of EU membership. He also said that the Maltese people have certain values that “we should keep fighting for and Malta should not stay back from voicing its opinion on certain issues in the European sphere it disagrees with”.

He also emphasised the role of MEUSAC in engaging with citizens, youths in particular, to involve them as much as possible in EU-related matters, Very often, he said, the EU is considered to be far away and the benefits we have achieved as a nation are often taken for granted.

Referring to yesterday’s Ministerial Meeting on Migration held in Malta, he said that the EU is at a crossroad, especially where migration is concerned, with diverging views and stands that, if not addressed, may fuel the divisions on the matter.

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