Annual General Meeting for EDICs

Themed, ‘A Union that strives for more’, the Annual General Meeting for managers of Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) across the EU was held in Prague on the 10 and 11 October.

Joe Sciberras, manager of EDIC Valletta, hosted by MEUSAC, participated in the Meeting together with some 450 EDIC managers from across the EU to hear about and to discuss the priorities to be taken into consideration by EDICs when developing the Communication Plan for 2020. They also had the time to share best practices in communicating EU policies and actions in EU towns and regions.

The highlight of the Meeting were the political guidelines of the president-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. These priorities for the next European Commission were identified by citizens across Europe through Citizens’ Dialogues, Eurobarometer surveys and in the run-up to the European Elections held in May this year. Participants were briefed on the preparations for the flagship initiative of the European Commission for the next two years – the Conference on Europe – and on the latest development in EU policies such as climate action, security, migration, trade, citizens’ engagement and civic ownership, as well as the promotion of teaching and learning about the EU at all levels of education.

During the Meeting, the other two EDICs in Malta were represented by Marlene Muscat (EDIC Gozo) and Stefan Bezzina (EDIC University), accompanied by Julia Abid from the European Commission Representation in Malta. The three Maltese EDIC managers also joined forces to showcase their operations in Malta by setting up the Maltese stand at an exhibition of different initiatives that are being taken by EDICs in all EU countries.

Mr Sciberras also represented EDICs in Malta on 9 October at a group discussion to provide the European Commission with feedback on how EU publications can be improved in terms of content, topics and design to reflect more the local touch and to reach different audiences and target groups.

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