Jam-packed September schedule for MEUSAC

MEUSAC organised an array of events in September, including its monthly Core Group meeting which tackled the Maltese Government’s preparedness and contingency plans in the run-up to Brexit and participated in the annual Science in the City event with its ‘EU Corner’ where citizens had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament thanks to virtual reality technology. MEUSAC staff were also invited to meet President George Vella at the President’s Palace in San Anton where the future of youth in terms of their involvement in EU affairs, and migration were discussed. MEUSAC also hosted two groups of Danish students to inform them about MEUSAC’s work in the Malta-EU sphere.

MEUSAC also submitted a number of EU funding project proposals for organisations who turned to us for assistance.

Next month is another busy month which will see us host more familiarisation visits by international students, a visit by the EC delegation, a half-day conference on work-life balance themed ‘The Right to Disconnect’, along with capacity building for our staff, funded by the European Social Fund as part of our ‘Engage’ project.

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