European Citizens’ Initiative – Take the initiative

The European Citizens’ Initiative is a participatory democracy instrument, allowing Europeans to have a greater say in EU policies that affect their lives. It lets you join others from across the EU to rally around an issue close to your heart, foster debate around it and initiate reforms by proposing concrete legal changes.

You have an idea about how to tackle a challenge in Europe, but you feel that your voice alone is not loud enough to be heard? The European Citizens’ Initiative gives you the power to act on issues you care about. By connecting to other people from across Europe on common causes you believe in, it amplifies your voice, and empowers you to bring concerns to the attention of decision-makers, promote change and influence EU policy.

To launch an initiative, it takes seven EU citizens, living in at least seven different Member States. Once it gathers 1 million signatures, the European Commission decides on what follow-up action to take. As an EU citizen, you can either join a group to launch an initiative, or lend your support to existing ones. Initiatives are possible in any field where the Commission has power to propose legislation, such as consumer protection, energy, agriculture or transport, etc.

For more information on the European Citizens’ Initiative, including the list of initiatives currently open for support, go to


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