Organisations garner €55 million in EU funds since 2008 through MEUSAC’s support

Article written by MEUSAC and published on Lovin Malta – 28.12.19

Quality of life in Malta has taken an amazing leap forward in past years. Projects have been started and completed and the public rewarded with new experiences and new opportunities.

One of the things that has made all this possible is Malta’s NGOs and other organisations having access to the necessary funding.

Throughout the past years, MEUSAC has been working hard to secure precisely this, helping a number of organisations garner over €55 million in EU funds since 2008.

No wonder its tagline is ‘Connecting Citizens to the EU’ – apt, wouldn’t you say?

The way it works is simple: local entities get in touch with MEUSAC in order to discuss their needs and any project ideas they have in mind.

MEUSAC then informs them about ways in which the EU can help offer the required funding.

In addition, when it comes to NGOs, trade unions, local councils, government entities, and  schools, MEUSAC can assist in the development of their projects and in the completion of the relevant application forms for EU funding.

The best part? The whole service is offered free from start to finish.

We all know that finances and funding can be a complicated matter. Because of this, many are put off from pursuing and securing assistance.

Enter this popular service: since it kicked off, MEUSAC has been carrying out some 280 meetings with different entities every year in order to guide them through funding options and processes.

In 2019 alone, MEUSAC has helped a number of organisations tap into 13 different funding programmes of the EU, including Erasmus+; the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme; and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

So, are you part of an organisation and are wondering how all this can benefit your entity?

If you have a project that risks hitting a wall due to lack of funding, but you’re not sure how to go about accessing available budgets, MEUSAC has got you covered.

And, if the mere thought of complicated funding systems makes you break out in a cold sweat, worry not.
Simply reach out and MEUSAC has a professional team on hand to help you out.

The team regularly organises information sessions to demystify the whole process. This year, four information sessions have been organised, including one for schools and one for sport organisations.
Moreover, more than 140 individuals have attended a total of five sessions that offered training on project development and writing. Again, all for free.

The following are three projects which have been submitted for funding through MEUSAC’s assistance. All of them have been selected for funding – two are currently being implemented and one has been finalised.

Restoring tal-Għaqba Windmill in Naxxar through the European Regional Development Fund

This project is driven by the Naxxar Local Council and it seeks to restore the Windmill to its original state, including a fully-functional and periodic mill.

Besides adding an extra layer of pretty to the town, how will this benefit the local community?

Simple, really. The project will also seek to reutilise this historical asset as a cultural centre, giving local and foreign artists and individuals the opportunity to integrate culture with other social activities.

It gets better. Restoration works being carried out are in line with the principles of sustainable development.

When designing this proposal, the utmost care was taken to not only consider, but also favourably impact the social, economic and environmental spheres.

In short, MEUSAC has helped make it possible for the Naxxar and Maltese people to start enjoying this gorgeous landmark once again.

Erasmus+ Project to provide young people with a youth exchange experience

Spearheaded and implemented by Frame Football Malta (FFM) together with a partner organisation in Italy, this Youth Exchange Project is one of the super fun success stories that was made possible through the ERASMUS+ Programme.

FFM promotes football for all abilities in an inclusive setting. It promotes a new and unique version of football in Malta for children and youths with physical impairment who use walking aids for their mobility.

The aim here was to offer a number of young people – some of them with disability – the opportunity to meet in Italy and carry out activities on the topic of sport, in particular football.

Through the exchange, a number of goals were reached:
1) Promoting sport as a social learning process
2) Promoting inclusion
3) Providing information about employment opportunities in the field of sport

EAFRD Project to rehabilitate Wied Għajn Rihana

This €1.2 million project, co-financed by EAFRD, is being implemented by Ambjent Malta to protect our natural heritage.

Some of the interventions of this project include:

  • Ecological restoration through the removal of invasive and non-native plants
  • Increasing the area of typical valley habitats through the planting of 1,600 indigenous species
  • Installation of an irrigation system to maintain planted shrubs
  • Reconstruction of traditional rubble walls

Through this project, Ambjent Malta seeks to ensure that the environment is safeguarded in a number of different ways. For example, the planting of indigenous species will benefit the conservation of other flora as well as indigenous fauna in the area. Valleys provide numerous services including the movement of soil, natural replenishment of groundwater resources and flood abatement. They are also hotspots for biodiversity that is important for the functioning of ecosystems that provide our food including plant pollination, clean air, and water. In addition, the trees and shrubs will potentially provide vital habitats for birds and other fauna – providing shelter, nesting space and/ or a source of food. Native species are also known to require less resources maintain, thus also ensuring cost effectiveness and sustainability in the long-term.

Are you part of an organisation that can benefit from this kind of assistance and that needs help to secure funding?

Contact MEUSAC directly on 2200 3300 or

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