Stakeholder seminar on olive oil EU standards

A stakeholder seminar has been put up by MEUSAC and the MCCAA – Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority- themed ‘Working together to guarantee the authenticity of olive oil placed on the market’.

The info session revolved around an EU Regulation containing the marketing standards for olive oil, including guidelines for labelling foods relating to the compulsory descriptions of different categories of olive oil The EU is the main producer and exporter of olive oil.

Representatives from MCCAA said that one of the Authority’s roles is to conduct checks in a bid to ensure standards are being adhered to. Samples of oil are also taken to labs for tests, apart from ensuring compliance and product labelling rules.

The label of the product can include the specific country of origin of the oil (i.e. harvesting or mill extraction), or within the EU, or non-EU, depending on the product’s origin.

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