Info session on procurement between EU operators and third countries

An information session aimed for stakeholders to get a grasp of the European Commission’s proposal tied to the International Procurement Instrument was organised by MEUSAC this afternoon.

The objective is that of creating a level playing field for EU operators in the global procurement market, by means of a mechanism which is basically non-existent momentarily. This is basically about procurement between EU countries trading with third countries.

The initiative is not new, and was actually introduced back in 2012 to strong resistance however.

But the discussion has started again and is gaining momentum.

Interestingly, EU Member States are among the most impacted by trade discrimination in public procurement, where certain discriminatory measures exist in the access to public procurement by Member States in markets of non-EU countries.

The proposal itself applies to contracts with values above five million euros for goods, services and concessions.

There are 80+ countries in all, close and far, mid-sided, and huge economies, the leverage is significant.

To view presentation click here.

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