Over €60m in EU funds for local organisations through government assistance

Article written by Lynn Spiteri – Executive, MEUSAC
Published in The Malta Independent – 18.02.2020

EU funding supports the implementation of EU policies in several different fields including the environment, citizens’ rights, education, research and innovation, entrepreneurship and youth to name just a few. MEUSAC assisted NGOs, local councils, schools, government entities and trade unions to tap into over €60 million of EU funding for their projects over the years.

On a weekly basis, MEUSAC executives set up meetings with individuals and representatives from different organisations to discuss their funding needs, help them identify suitable funding opportunities and provide guidance on how best to approach the application process. The services offered by MEUSAC include information about EU funds, assistance in developing a competitive proposal and completing the relevant application form, as well as the provision of training on project development and writing. All these services are free of charge.

Information about EU funds
Our team’s expertise across different EU funding programmes enables us to assist entities in pinpointing relevant funding opportunities for different project ideas. From experience we can also suggest potential project ideas and funding strands based on an organisation’s regular activities.

Our website is kept updated with information on current EU funding calls which fall under different programmes. Those interested in getting to know more about the current open calls available can click on our ‘EU funding’ page to browse these calls. A meeting can also be set up to discuss any calls which is of interest to your organisation.

MEUSAC also organises information sessions focused on a particular funding programme or funding call in order to inform potential beneficiaries about the EU funding opportunities that are open to them. In 2019 alone, MEUSAC organised four sessions of this kind.

Assistance in Project Development
Once a suitable call is identified, MEUSAC assists organisations to develop their project idea in line with the eligibility criteria of the call in question. If the call requires a transnational project partnership, we can direct organisations to databases or partner search tools where they can find organisations based in eligible countries to partner with them for their projects.

Assistance in Project Writing
Our dedicated team assists organisations in compiling the relevant application forms and compiling any required attachments. This gives peace of mind to applicants that they will submit a high-quality application which meets call requirements and is competitive for funding.

Training opportunities
Due to popular demand from our target groups, MEUSAC also provides training and capacity-building opportunities for organisations in the fields of project development and project writing. Training opportunities are organised throughout the year, with separate sessions for NGOs and local councils. Last year, MEUSAC organised five training sessions which were attended by a total of 145 participants. The first two training sessions for this year will be held in April.

For further information about EU funding opportunities and the assistance MEUSAC can provide you with, kindly send us an e-mail on funding.meusac@gov.mt or call on 2200 3300.

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