Provision of logistical services for a public event

for the provision of logistical services for a public event

MEUSAC is seeking a reputable service provider to provide logistical services for a public event.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Call for Quotations Dossier.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest, technically compliant quotation.

Proposals are to follow the format requested in the attached dossier and are to be addressed to, titled ‘Call for Quotations: EV10-2020_Citizens’_Fair: Provision of logistical services for a public event’  by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of 13 March 2020. Late submissions will not be considered.



Question 1
Do you require branding on the desks or they can be plain white?

Answer 1
No branding is envisaged on the desks. They can be plain white.

Question 2
Is the carpet quantity 9sqm correct or it should read 90sqm? Since on the plan it looks like approx. an area of 9mtrs x 9mtrs?

Answer 2
Section 4, b, vii: The dimensions of the carpet should be 9m by 9m, that is, 81 square metres, NOT 9 square metres.

Question 3
Will the local council be charging us any fee to obtain the permit (like they charge to commercial events?) or in this case the fee will be waived since it is a government event?

Answer 3
Section 4, c, ii: “The selected bidder would be responsible to obtain the necessary permits, including permits from the local council.” Bidders are expected to check whether any charges apply.

Question 4
Can you please clarify whether the desks can be of a different dimension than that listed? I.e. measuring 1m high by 1m wide with a depth of 715mm above and 565mm base?

Answer 4
The given dimensions of the desks (1m by 1m by 71.5cm/56.5cm) are acceptable, as the depth of the working top is higher than that envisaged in section 4, a, i.

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