Citizens want bigger EU budget to tackle the crisis

56% of European Union citizens said the European Union should have more financial means to overcome impact of the pandemic.

In a survey that was recently commissioned by the European Parliament (June 2020), 68% of respondents expect the European Union to take a strong role when fighting the crisis.

84% of Maltese respondents want a stronger role for the European Union in fighting the crisis and 62% believe this requires further financial means.

Commenting on the results of the latest survey, EP President David Sassoli said:

The results of this survey clearly show that EU citizens expect the EU to show more solidarity and take more action to assist the recovery. They also recognise the need for a larger EU budget to tackle the unprecedented impact the pandemic has had on our economy and society. In the context of the current budget negotiations, Parliament stands by the citizens in their call for a more effective and ambitious EU.

For more information on how Maltese citizens replied to this survey please click here.

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