€514 billion mobilised through the Investment Plan for Europe

As of June 2020, the Investment Plan has mobilised €514 billion of investment and supported more than 1.4 million start-ups and small and medium enterprises throughout Europe.

Following the global and economic crisis, the European Union had suffered from low levels of investment. Back then, it was decided that collected and coordinated efforts need to be made to reverse the downwards trend and put Europe back on the path of sound economic recovery.

Consequently, the Investment Plan for Europe was created. The plan had three main objectives:

  • Remove obstacles to investment;
  • Provide visibility and technical assistance to investment projects; &
  • Make smarter use of financial resources.

To-date the results are clear for all to see. The financial outlay is considerable, and the obtained results are significant. The European Union is now in the midst of another unprecedented crisis, the recently agreed upon Multi-Annual Financial Framework (2021-2027) and the Recovery Package should give us more peace of mind in terms of financial instruments that will once more help fund a recovery for the European Union and its Member States.

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