EU Commission launches Youth Employment Support

On July 1, the European Commission launched the Youth Employment Support, a bridge-to-jobs package for the next generation.

The package aims to give young people the best possible opportunities to develop their full potential and shape their future in a competitive manner within the EU’s proposed green and digital future.

Significant EU funding has already been made available to finance opportunities for youth employment. It is now up to Member States to prioritise such investments locally.

The EU Commission has urged Member States to step up youth employment support which can be supported financially by funding under NextGenerationEU and the future EU budget. For example, the European Union can help fund:

  • Start-up grants and loans for young entrepreneurs, mentoring schemes and business incubators
  • Bonuses for Small & Medium Enterprises hiring apprentices
  • Training sessions to acquire new skills needed on the labour market
  • Capacity-building of public employment services
  • Career management training in formal education
  • Investments in digital learning infrastructure and technology

For more information on the Youth Employment Support please click here.

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