Artwork services and video clip production

for artwork services and production of a video clip related to a week of activities to promote MEUSAC

MEUSAC is seeking a reputable service provider for artwork services and production of a video clip related to a week of activities to promote MEUSAC.

Information on the terms and conditions together with the services to be provided can be obtained from the Call for Quotations Dossier.

The contract will be awarded to the cheapest, technically compliant quotation.

Proposals are to follow the format requested in the attached dossier and are to be addressed to, by not later than 10.00 hrs CET of October 1, 2020. Late submissions will not be considered.



Question 1
In regards to branding, could you kindly specify what it entails? Although you are providing the logos and fonts, do you require us to create a color palette that will be used throughout the whole project or will these also be provided?

Answer 1
The branding concept and its development into artwork has to reflect the theme of the Activity Week, namely, ‘Il-MEUSAC: nagħmlu l-Unjoni Ewropea iktar aċċessibbli għalik’. The selected bidder will be expected to create a colour palette and design to be used throughout the different requirements specified in the call for quotations, including the video clip. As indicated in the call for quotations, the design has to reflect MEUSAC branding elements as explained in the entity’s branding guidelines.

Question 2
Will the style used to be based solely on the example video provided or is there room for creative freedom? We ask as we can provide a distinctive style that could set the animation apart from anything currently on the market in Malta.

Answer 2
The example video provided in the call for quotations is to serve as an indication of the minimum requirements expected by the Contracting Authority.

Question 3
As there is a voiceover and it will be used for the animation video, is a subtitled version of the animation video required as a deliverable?

Answer 3
Sub-titles are not required for the video clip. However, some animated phrases, reflecting what is being narrated, need to be inserted in the final product to bring out attention to the most important messages that the video clip is intended to convey.

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