Customs Action Plan

On September 28, the European Commission launched a new Customs Union Action Plan setting out a series of measures to make EU customs smarter, more innovative and efficient for the years to come.

The Action Plan includes a number of initiatives, namely:

  • Risk Management: the action plan calls for intelligent, risk-based supervision of supply chains and for establishing a new analytics hub for collecting, analysing and sharing customs data that can inform critical decisions and identify weaknesses to better manage crises.
  • Managing e-commerce: in order to tackle the new challenges of e-commerce, obligations on payment service providers and online sales platforms will be strengthened to help fight customs duty and tax fraud in e-commerce.
  • Promotion of compliance: it will become easier for legitimate businesses to complete their border formalities in one single portal. It will allow for more collaborative processing, sharing and exchange of information and better risk assessment for customs authorities.

For more information on the new Customs Plan please click here.

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