International Day of Sign Language        

September 23 is International Day of Sign Language.

Across the European Union, more than 750,000 people use sign language daily.

Throughout 2010–2020 a European Disability Strategy was enacted with the aim to promote a barrier-free Europe that empowers people with disability so that they can enjoy their rights and participate and contribute fully both to society and the economy.

International Day of Sign Language happens only a few days prior to the European Day of Languages. To celebrate, the European Commission is inviting all interested parties to join for an online conference on September 28 which will have a recent report entitled, ‘Education begins with language’ as a main topic on the agenda. The report seeks to support the implementation of the ‘Recommendation of the European Council of the European Union on a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages’.

In 2021, the European Commission will be presenting a strengthened and revamped European disability strategy.

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