Rule of Law

The first Annual Report on the Rule of Law was published by the European Commission on September 30.

The report includes input from every Member State and covers both positive and negative developments across the European Union. The report shows that many Member States do have high standards, however, many important challenges remain.

The report states that in Malta a number of significant reforms of our justice system have recently been unanimously adopted by Parliament. On the other hand, the report notes that wider rule of law reforms need to be implemented.

Locally, reforms of the system of judicial appointments and of disciplinary proceedings aim at improving the checks and balances by limiting the role of the Prime Minister and Parliament. These reforms aim at strengthening judicial independence and the system of separation powers and at responding to some of the Venice Commission’s December 2018 recommendations. The Venice Commission overall welcomed the plans for reforms and is currently preparing an additional opinion on the legislative texts of these reforms.

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