77% of Europeans insist EU Funds linked with respect for Rule of Law

In a new survey commissioned by the European Parliament, almost eight in every 10 European citizens support the idea that the European Union should only provide funds to Member States if the national government implements rule of law and democratic principles.

Also, 54% of respondents claimed that the European Union should have greater financial means to be able to overcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking the necessary decisions on the Recovery Package and the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) as soon as possible is clearly vital, as demonstrated by the worrying personal financial situation of European citizens since the beginning of the pandemic. A broad majority of citizens fear the pandemic will a direct impact on their personal financial situation –or have already suffered it: 39% of participants say that the COVID-19 crisis has already impacted their personal income, while a further 27% expect such an impact in the future.

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