Capacity building on Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results to be provided by MEUSAC

MEUSAC article published in Voice of the Workers Weekly – 23.10.2020

One of MEUSAC’s roles as a Government agency is providing information about EU funding. Implementing an EU funded project comes with certain obligations, including promoting the results and impact of the project to relevant stakeholders.

To this end, MEUSAC is organising a virtual capacity building session on dissemination and exploitation of results within EU funded projects. The content of the session will not be tied to a particular EU funding programme, but rather general principles which are applicable to all EU funded projects.

During the session, participants will have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the content of the presentation. We encourage those who have questions relating to their ongoing projects to reach out directly to MEUSAC for further guidance since the session is being organised for the provision of general information about the concepts of dissemination and exploitation of results.

This capacity building session is being organised as part of an activity week to be held by MEUSAC during the first week of November 2020. The session on dissemination and exploitation of project results will be held on November 4 between 10am and noon. To register, kindly send us an email on

Click here for more details about the MEUSAC Activity Week.

For further information please also feel free to contact MEUSAC on 2200 3300.

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