EU Customs Single Window Environment

On October 28, the European Commission proposed an initiative aimed at making it easier for different authorities involved in goods clearance to exchange electronic information submitted by traders, the EU Single Window Environment for Customs.

Each year, the Customs Union facilitates the trade of more than €3.5 trillion worth of goods. Efficient clearances at customs level and necessary controls are essential to allow trade to flow smoothly whilst protecting citizens, businesses and the environment.

Currently, the formalities required at the European Union’s external borders often involve many different authorities in charge of different policy areas, such as health and safety, the environment, agriculture, fisheries, cultural heritage and market surveillance and product compliance. This is cumbersome and time-consuming for traders and reduces the capacity of authorities to act in a joined-up way in combatting risks.

The Single Window will enable businesses and traders to provide data in one single portal in an individual Member State, thereby reducing duplication, time and costs. Customs and other authorities will then be able to collectively use this data, allowing for a fully coordinated approach to goods clearance and a clearer overview at EU level of the goods that are entering or leaving the European Union.

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